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How I approach therapy and psychological help

Respect, openness and no judgement

For me the most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between me and my patients. The "therapeutic relationship" is a unique type of relationship, in which we can observe without judgment different aspects of the Self. It is a safe relationship in the sense that patients are free to tell me what they are really feeling and thinking without fear of being judged, being laughed at or not being taken seriously. This is the base on which all other specific techniques are applied, in order to make change possible.

There are basically three levels of change


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If you think you might benefit from professional support and guidance to better cope with the situations or problems you are currently facing, then you're very welcome in my private practice in Eindhoven. It's possible to make a first appointment on short notice. Send me a message through this website or contact me by telephone. I would love to hear from you.
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